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Audiocodes vient de rendre disponible une mise a niveau firmwares pour téléphones sur IP HD400 en version qui amene des améliorations lors d'un usage avec Microsoft Teams

Cette nouvelle version est compatible avec les modèles 405HD, 430HD, 440HD, 445HD, 445HD-R, 450HD, C450HD phone models, and the Huddle Room Solution (HRS).

Accès aux firmwares: https://www.audiocodes.com/library/firmware

Accès a la releases notes: https://www.audiocodes.com/library/technical-documents

Cette nouvelle version comprends les améliorations suivantes:

- Improved support for Microsoft Teams compatible (a.k.a. 3PIP devices) mode.

Full support for some basic features that were functioning imperfectly in previous releases:

•Consultative Transfer
•Escalate P2P call to Teams Conference
•Direct Routing environment on audio issues
•Call queue

The following features were tested as fully functioning on Teams compatible devices:
•Contacts and Speed Dials•Exchange functionality (VVM and Calendar)
•Audio pairing with the Teams client (Voice only; no control from the phone; controls will be added in the future)•Multicast Paging
•Discreet Call
•Hot Desking
•Common Area Phone
•Voice dialing (limited languages supported)

Currently unsupported in Teams compatible mode:
•Enabling Call Forward via the phone menu (can be enabled from the Teams client)
•Changing the phone presence is not synchronized with the Teams presence status
•Call Park

Note that transfer scenarios in a domain that has a mix of Teams and Skype for Business users is not supported by Microsoft

- Support for the Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman (ECDH) encryption key as part of the phone’s ciphers list.

- AudioCodes' new corporate logo is also displayed in the 405HD phone screen when booting up.

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