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  • [Microsoft Teams] Audiocodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) en version 8.0.1000 disponible introduisant des nouvelles fonctionnalités

    Audiocodes a annoncé une mise a jour intéressante de One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) en version 8.0 introduisant des nouvelles fonctionnalités.

    Version: 8.0.1000

    Principales nouvelles fonctionnalités:

    • OVOC feature for Microsoft Teams Users Quality of Experience (QoE) has now been enhanced to support Microsoft Teams video metrics. Thus, overall call quality and threshold-based alarms are now affected by both voice and video quality metrics.
    • AudioCodes Multi-Service Business Router (MSBR) devices (Version 7.24A.356.069 / M4 and later) that are configured with IPv6 address can now be managed by OVOC. IPv6 links can be added for the Media and Control IP category types.
    • Multiple IPv4/IPv6 Ethernet interfaces can now be configured on OVOC, allowing SBC devices to connect from different subnets to respective OVOC interfaces.
    • The OVOC operator workspace can now be saved, which includes working UI contexts such as filters, map zoom positions, and column widths.
    • The following additional products can now be managed by OVOC:
      • VoiceAI Connect Enterprise and VoiceAI Connect Cloud
      • Mediant 800Ci MSBR with an OSN server for running third-party applications
      • Mediant 3100 SBC
    • When uploading the auxiliary file "X509 Private Key" from OVOC to a device, a specific TLS Context can now be selected.
    • Device Manager enhancements:
      • A fresh look and feel with new color schemes, new designation icon sets, increased spacing including new Dashboard layout and Device Details pages.
      • Device Configuration files can be easily configured according to configuration set with the corresponding Configuration keys and values displayed with auto-fill capabilities according to model selection. This enhancement is relevant for all configuration levels.
    • Comments indicating the source of the configuration have been added to the configuration files. This includes an easy and clear understanding of the template source per parameter (Device specific, tenant, group, site and user levels).

    Information annonce ici:   Download PDF version of this Product Notice

  • [Microsoft Teams] Audiocodes SmartTAP 360° en version 5.4 disponible

    Audiocodes SmartTAP 360° est une solution d'enregistrement d'appels pour Microsoft Teams

    Audiocodes vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle version 5.4

    Nouvelles fonctionnalités:

    • Teams Call Live Monitoring: users with appropriate permissions can listen to calls of other users within the users' group by clicking the Live Monitoring button in the User/Device Status screen.
    • Mapping of Azure Active Directory (AAD) groups to SmartTAP groups, Security profiles, Recording profiles and Retention policies.
    • A new option in the Recording Profile to record “Teams Queue Calls” only of targeted users.
    • A new option in the Recording Profile to determine whether to suppress Microsoft Teams recording notifications (the customer must sign a waiver to allow AudioCodes to turn off Microsoft notifications).
    • Disaster Site Recovery Service: storage of SmartTAP data in Azure paired region for restoring the service in the paired region in case of a disaster situation in the main region. SmartTAP virtual machines, disks, and storage replication in the paired region can be enabled.
    • Enhanced SmartTAP resilience by continuing the call recordings upon disconnection between Teams BOTs and SmartTAP servers. Once the connection is restored, call recordings are recovered in SmartTAP.

    La release notes est disponible ici:  Download PDF version of this Product Notice

  • [Microsoft Teams] Mise a jour pour les Teams Display - 1449/

    Microsoft a rendu disponible une mise a jour intéressante pour les équipements de type "Teams Display"

    Les "Teams Display" sont une catégorie d'appareils  tout-en-un dédiés dotés d'un écran tactile ambiant et d'une expérience mains libres optimisée par Cortana.

    Date: 15 Juin 2021

    Version:  1449/


    • Contact phone numbers created in Outlook will be available in the People section of Teams displays with read-only access.

    • During a call, select the active call icon to show more options. Additionally, when a contact has multiple numbers saved, you can choose the number you want to dial from the dropdown list.

    • Choose a background for your video calls and meetings from a select set of images in Teams.

    • Extending the live captions feature to calls, Teams can now detect what's said in a call and present real-time captions in one-on-one calls.

    • On Android devices, presenters can now control participants’ camera and mic. Participants no longer need to use Raise hand to request to be unmuted.

    • New wallpaper images to choose from.

    • Bug fixes related to authentication.

    Plus d'informations ici: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/new-experiences-coming-to-microsoft-teams-rooms-to-allow/ba-p/2451553

  • [Microsoft Teams] Nouvelle fonctionnalité : État de l'appel

    Microsoft Teams est en constante évolution

    Une nouvelle fonctionnalité est disponible permettant à un utilisateur lors d'une session d'appel ou une réunion de disposer en temps rèel de métrique réseau

    Nouvelle fonctionnalité: État de l'appel

    Lors d'un appel ou une réunion en cours, une nouvelle option "État de l'appel" est disponible dans les options.

    L'interface principal offre la capacité de disposer d'informations réseau et plus granulaire pour chaque type de flux (audio, vidéo, partage de bureau) utilisé dans la session.

    Informations réseau:

  • [Microsoft Teams] Audiocodes Direct Routing Survivable Branch Appliance (DR-SBA) en appliance virtuelle disponible

    Audiocodes a annoncé la disponibilité de l'application Direct Routing Survivable Branch Appliance (DR-SBA)  en appliance virtuelle.

    Cela vous permet de déployer vos Audiocodes DR-SBA sur site en tant qu'appliance virtuelle avec un hyperviseur VMWare ou Hyper-V

    C'est quoi le concept de SBA avec Teams?


    Le nom du produit est: SW-VA-SBA-TMS

    • Available for deployment on Hyper-V or VMware platforms.
    • SBC items are not included; these items should be installed or purchased separately according to Customer requirements.
    • The image doesn't include the Microsoft Windows OS license.


    Notice disponible ici:  Download PDF version of this Product Notice

  • [Microsoft Teams] Mise a jour téléphones Teams Yealink - Juin 2021

    Yealink vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle mise à jour applicative pour ces téléphones Teams T55A, T56A, T58A, CP960, MP54, MP56, MP58

    Version T55/56/58A:

    Version CP960:

    Version MP5X:

    Teams Version: 1449/

    Partner APP Version:

    Date: 07 Juin 2021

    Accès aux firmwares MP56:  https://support.yealink.com/documentFront/forwardToDocumentDetailPage?documentId=343

    Accès a la releases notes:  Release Notes

    Les nouvelles fonctionnalités sont les suivantes:

    - Supported that integrating Outlook contacts in people app in read-only mode.
    - Supported that the phone enables DTMF on the pre-call screen.
    - Supported that organizer and presenter can set hard mute in a meeting.
    - Supported the live captions during calls.
    - Supported that hides the name of meeting titles.
    - Supported that auto answer for meet now.


    - Optimized calling latency.

  • [Microsoft Teams ] Nouvel examen "Exam MS-740: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams" disponible en version beta

    Microsoft vient de rendre disponible un nouvel examen en version beta "Exam MS-740: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams"

    L'examen sera disponible à partir du 8 Juillet 2021

    Cet examen évalue les compétences suivantes:

    • Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams voice issues (15-20%)
    • Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Teams meetings and live events (20-25%)
    • Troubleshoot federation issues (10-15%)
    • Troubleshoot issues signing into Microsoft Teams (15-20%)
    • Troubleshoot teams and channels (10-15%)
    • Troubleshoot issues with files (15-20%)

    La description de l'examen est disponible ici: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/ms-740