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Sonus a publié ce mois de Juin 2018 un nouveau firmware pour les versions SBC 1000/2000 en version 6.6 amenant toute une série de nouvelles fonctionnalités et résolutions de problématiques

Software Release: 6.1.6

Published: 05 June, 2018


SBC 1000 Firmware: sbc1000-release-6.1.6.build493.img
SBC 2000 Firmware: sbc2000-release-6.1.6.build493.img
SBC Comms: UXCOMMSVS-release6.1.6.build493.zip

Nouvelles fonctionnalités:

SYM-22409 Header Transparency
Header Transparency is a new option in the SIP Signaling Group. This option indicates the SBC passes through all non-dialog related SIP headers from any inbound SIP messages to the outbound messages. For detailed information, see Creating and Modifying SIP Signaling Groups.

Corrections de problèmes:

SYM-24896 Chrome and Firefox: Adblock extension blocking AD Configuration page
SYM-23111 DNS host entries same pool FQDN different IP addresses multiple entries not working
SYM-24407 Raise an alarm whenever factory default is requested
SYM-24450 SYM-SIP Survivability call handling robustness improvements
SYM-24520 SYM-BMP stability improvements
SYM-24509 CCC stability improvements
SYM-24607 Dynamic Host entries may cause CPU overload
SYM-24492 SIP TLS Call Handling stability improvements
SYM-24838 CCC robustness updates
SYM-24881 SBC sends SIP 503 to SIP Notify for MWI
SYM-24887 SBC sends Empty Proxy-Authorization in REGISTER
SYM-24897 CCE: Compatibility with Skype for Business (online) PowerShell 7.0
SYM-24474 When running TDMON using custom VLAN to capture data, ISDN calls fail
SYM-24933 Add warning message for Ethernet ports that action can cause brief disruption

Mise a jour de sécurité:

SYM-25042 Insufficient input sanitization leading to possible remote command execution in certain
SYM-24640 Read-only user able to change own or another user's access level to administrator
SYM-25050 Privilege escalation possible for 'Operator'-level user in certain functions
SYM-24995 Stored XSS detected
SYM-24994 Web Server File/Inclusion Download
SYM-25002 Set httponly flag for session cookie


SBC Edge supports the new deployment with CCE 2.1.0 in Release 6.1.6
Before this release, if your CCE auto-updates to CCE 2.1.0:
- To rerun the step “Transfer Credential from SBC”, it will require Release 6.1.6
- To rerun the step “Register Appliance”, you need to install .NET4.6.2 using Windows Update.

Chemin de migration:

Acces a la release note et liste de l'ensemble des corrections ici:


(nécessite un acces au portail sonus)

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