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Microsoft à rendu disponible une nouvelle mise à jour pour les Teams Room


Date: 15 aout 2019

Cette nouvelle version comprend les nouveautés suivantes:

  • A new content camera feature that enables users to intelligently include a traditional whiteboard into their Teams meeting
  • Additional improvements to the Console UI to reduce clutter and moved Settings into a new side bar that is accessed via More on the console
  • Disabled share tray button if local content cable is not connected or a content camera is not connected
  • Fixed an issue with the touch keyboard where it failed appear the first time only after a MTR system restart
  • Quality and reliability fixes

Les nouveautés: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams-Blog/An-inclusive-meeting-experience-for-everyone-in-any-room-with/ba-p/805877

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