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Audiocodes SmartTAP 360° est une solution d'enregistrement d'appels pour Microsoft Teams

Audiocodes vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle version 5.4

Nouvelles fonctionnalités:

  • Teams Call Live Monitoring: users with appropriate permissions can listen to calls of other users within the users' group by clicking the Live Monitoring button in the User/Device Status screen.
  • Mapping of Azure Active Directory (AAD) groups to SmartTAP groups, Security profiles, Recording profiles and Retention policies.
  • A new option in the Recording Profile to record “Teams Queue Calls” only of targeted users.
  • A new option in the Recording Profile to determine whether to suppress Microsoft Teams recording notifications (the customer must sign a waiver to allow AudioCodes to turn off Microsoft notifications).
  • Disaster Site Recovery Service: storage of SmartTAP data in Azure paired region for restoring the service in the paired region in case of a disaster situation in the main region. SmartTAP virtual machines, disks, and storage replication in the paired region can be enabled.
  • Enhanced SmartTAP resilience by continuing the call recordings upon disconnection between Teams BOTs and SmartTAP servers. Once the connection is restored, call recordings are recovered in SmartTAP.

La release notes est disponible ici:  Download PDF version of this Product Notice

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