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Guy Bachar vient de rendre disponible dans les galleries technet un nouveau script: Lync Users Report



This script is designed to to export information out of the Lync SQL databases and generates a report which contains the date in which a user was enabled for Lync and when it was last modified.

The script will populate an HTML report which include the user details and the actual dates for enablement and modification.

The script is based upon the [ResourceDirectory] table within the Lync [RTC] database and it converts the users SID numbers to their SamAccountNames. 


The script will generate an HTML file which include the following columns:

  • Display Name
  • SamAccountName
  • SipAddress
  • LineURI
  • Registrar
  • Enterprise Voice Enabled (Yes/No)
  • Conference Policy
  • External Access Policy
  • Creation Date (When the user was enabled for Lync)
  • Update Date (When the user was last modified)

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