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Voici une mise a jour des firmwares ocs édition des téléphones ip snom.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités et résolutions de bug:

  • Web UI Security enhancements: at first OCS login attempt after factory reset:

    HTTP access is locked out; only HTTPS access is permitted.
    User-ID used for login attempt becomes the Web UI user ID, with domain\username format.
    Password used login attempt becomes the Web UI password.
    Phone “administrator mode” is disabled.

    Note: The User-ID and password used for the login attempt becomes the phone’s User ID and password, whether or not the logon attempt is successful. If a password is incorrectly entered, and the user doesn’t remember what they put in the user may either delete the identity through the phone user interface, or perform a reset to factory defaults.

    In order to activate this feature, reset to factory defaults is required when upgrading from a software version prior to 8.5.5.

  • Credentials are now saved to FLASH immediately after clicking Save in OCS Logon Wizard. Do not remove power from phone while flash memory is being written.

  • If multiple OCS Identities are configured, any “unregistered” identity should be obvious. On the snom 300, this is achieved by causing a not regis. ids: message to “pop up” on the display approximately every 10 seconds, listing any configured OCS ID’s which fail registration.

Pour faire une demande pour télécharger ces firmwares : http://www.snom.com/fr/ocs/

Les mises à jours concernent les téléphones IP suivants : 300, 320, 360, 370, 820, 821, 870, MP, PA1

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