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AudioCodes Routing Manager est une solution permettant un contrôle centralisé de toutes les décisions de routage de session.

Audiocodes vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle version 9.0: annonce


- Uni-Directional Lock/Unlock of Peer Connection :
In  addition  to  Lock/Unlock  of  a Peer  Connection,  ARM  9.0  supportsdirectional  basedLock/Unlock of a Peer Connection. The feature allows  operators to (for  example)  stop only traffic towards   specific VoIP Peers (for example, specific IVRs) while calls coming from these VoIP Peers will still be routed to their destination. Operators can use the feature to perform a graceful stoppage of traffic for maintenance reasons (for example).  

- Combined ARM – SIP based Routing Decision (Route based on Request URI)
ARM 9.0 supports a combination  of  ARM  and  SIP  based  routing  decisions.  Sometimes, a customer (or a customer’s network)  provides routing instructions for a call as part of the SIP Invite message (via Request URI). In ARM 9.0, the ARM supports this combination of routing.To apply it, customers must select the ‘Route based on Request URI’ option in the ARM’s Routing Rule, on a per-action basis. The option is located by expanding the Advanced tab; it’s under the ‘Request URI’ section, under the section ‘Normalization After Routing’.

- Combined ARM and SBC Routing Decision:
ARM 9.0 supports a combined routing decision taken by the ARM and a node (SBC only).The  feature  enables  customers  to specify  that  after  a specific number  of  routing attempts configured in ARM routing, they’d like to continue with the local SBC routing table

- Enhanced SSH Users Management for Security
ARM 9.0 blocks remote root login into ARM VM Linux machines for both ARM Configurator and ARM Router,  for  security  reasons.  The  feature  prevents  accidental  damage  of  ARM  system  files  available  for  the rootuser.

- Routing Rule Matching Notification Enriched with ARM Information
In  addition  to  the previously  supported  notification  on  a call  matching  a  specific  rule,  ARM  9.0  allows  operators  to  customize  informationprovided  with  the notification.  The  feature  - notification  on  a  call  matching  a  rule  - is  usually  applied  for  emergency  calls  such  as  911  calls.

- ARM Sessions Count Statistic (License Utilization)
ARM 9.0 supports a new statistics counter: Sessions count over time

- Representation of Forking in Test Route
ARM 9.0 displays forking in  Test  Route.  If  Test  Route  criteria match  a  Routing  Rule  with  Forking Routing Method, it’s displayed accordingly in the Paths section.

- Registered Users Forking
ARM 9.0 supports forking for registered users. If   the Routing Rule’s Routing Method is set to  'Forking' and the action is set to ‘Registered Users’ (‘Route to user location’), the ARM will attempt to apply forking if the same user is registered in multiple SBCs.

- Maximum Number of Routing Attempts per VoIP Peer can be Configured
ARM 9.0 allows operators to determine the maximum number of routing attempts per VoIP Peer for a specific call. The default is 4.

- New License Key for Security Queries and Enforcement
ARM 9.0 supports  a  new  license  key  for  security-based  routing.

- ARM Machine OS Upgraded with Latest CentOS6.10 Security Patches
ARM 9.0 runs  on  the  latest  edition  of  the  CentOS  6  (CentOS  6.10)  operating  system.

Release Note: https://www.audiocodes.com/media/14704/arm-release-notes-ver-90.pdf

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