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Une nouvelle version de Attendant Pro pour Skype Entreprise est disponible au téléchargement: https://landiscomputer.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/6000060064-attendant-pro-update-downloads

Version: 1.0.6446.17880


  • Alert user when Call is on Hold Too Long (definable hold times)
  • Indicate Remote Party Hung Up
  • Indicate Call Queue or Team Call is answered by another user
  • Indicate "Connecting" between when RGS/Call Queue is answered and audio live
  • Add a Phone Call to Dynamics 365/CRM Contact or Account
    • Rule: if there is a Contact add to that. If Account add to that.
  • Better indicate which Dynamics 365 record a Note or Phone Call will be added to
  • Centralized Call Detail Reporting
  • Upload Call Detail Reporting to a network location
  • Track Missed Calls in CDR
  • Light up Attendant Pro with Office 365 UCWA functionality
    • Utilize Office 365 UCWA
  • Advanced Search
    • EWS Address Book is now automatically cached in a local database & updated in the background
    •   Can search personal Exchange contact lists of the User
    •   Address list files can now be located on a central network drive
    •   CSV file template/example can easily be downloaded from
  • {Exchangenote} is now a parameter in Call Back Reminder/Call Park templates
  • User Interface Enhancements
    • Context menu style & icons updated
    • Skype for Business 2016 Font matched more exactly
    • Dropdown menus style more consistent
    • "Contact layouts" buttons & icons updated
    • Added button pressed indication on Current Call & Contact Layouts
    • Some button icons made to match Skype for Business 2016 a bit more closely
    • Hover colors improved in the Microsoft Teams user interface
  • Contact Layout Enhancements
    • Medium Contact List layout redesigned
    • Ability to turn off Avatar/Press hover contact card
    • Large & Medium Contact List buttons more closely match SfB 2016

Plus d'informations ici: https://attendantpro.blogspot.ca/2017/08/attendant-pro-q3-2017-update-manager.html#centralizedreporting

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