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Microsoft Teams est en constante évolution.

Microsoft a rendu disponible le 17 juillet 2018 une série de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

The more, the merrier in meetings

You can now have up to 250 participants in meetings! All the video, audio, and screen sharing you're used to in smaller meetings works for these larger meetings, too. Just right for that quarterly all-hands get-together.

PowerPoint in meetings just got better

Sharing a presentation gets some special treatment with these improvements. When you share just a PowerPoint file, it uses less bandwidth than a video stream—so if you've got bandwidth constraints, this is a great option. Participants can navigate through the slides privately, reading ahead or looking back to catch something they missed. Read more here.

Bring your Skype for Business contacts to Teams

When your organization moves from Skype for Business to Teams, your contacts will make the move with you. To see them, once you're in Teams, click Chat on the left, then Contacts at the top.

Translate chat messages

The world is our workplace here at Teams, so we're loving this feature. At the top of a message, select More options  > Translate to get an instant translation of the message into the language you've set for Teams! Très cool.

(If you don't see this option, talk to your admin. They may need to turn it on.)

Send code snippets in a message

You're now able to create and share a snippet of code right in a chat or channel message. Get syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, and text wrapping control, all in the programming language of your choice! To try it, look under the compose box, then select Format  > Code snippet </>.


Informations ici: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/what-s-new-in-microsoft-teams-d7092a6d-c896-424c-b362-a472d5f105de

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