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Sonus a publié un nouveau firmware pour les versions SBC 1000/2000 en version 6 amenant toute une série de nouvelles fonctionnalités et possibilité de support.

Version: SBC Edge Release 6.0.0 build b435


  • FXS Long Loop: FXS Long Loop support extends the maximum length of the local loop supported on FXS line cards from 1000 to 3000 meters.
  • IPv6 Addressing: The SBC Edge now supports IPv6 addressing.
  • Logging Configuration: Logging Configuration (Log Profiles) provides an easy way to quickly add Subsystem logging configuration. There are two types of log profiles: User defined (user configurable Log Profile) and System defined (pre-defined Log Profile). Each Log Profile contains a set of related sub-systems along with the associated log level, which are then mapped into Subystem logging.
  • Nectar UCD SBC Integration: The  SBC Edge acts as an analyzer element with an integrated Nectar solution to derive session-level media quality statistics.The Voice Quality (VQ) reporting feature enables statistics reporting to a Nectar Unified Communication Diagnostics Server (UCD) server to provide quality monitoring. The information collected helps administrators to understand the media quality that users experience.
  • One Number Fax: One Number Fax feature supports fax functionality wherein a single DID exists for the voice and fax destination for the same subscriber in the MS Exchange Unified Messaging (EUM) environment. The SBC dynamically discerns fax from voice and routes the call to the appropriate end point for the best user experience.
  • Skype for Business SBA: Skype for Business 2015 SBA is now supported.
  • RASO Updates
  • Ethernet Port Disable Prevention

Includes functionality to prevent accidentally disabling the Ethernet NIC on the ASM.
Enables the ability to view/delete/refresh ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache entries on the SBC Edge.
The SBC Edge now checks for IP conflict with other devices on the network before applying to the ASM (system determines whether the IP address assigned to the ASM is already used by a device on the network).
In the WebUI Operational Status now displays the latest Sonus package applied to the ASM

  • The  SBC Edge provides support for the following 3rd party applications:

    PeterConnects Agent
    Microsoft SCOM 2012R2 Agent
    Event Zero Agent

Lien release notes ici: https://support.sonus.net/display/UXDOC60/SBC+Edge+6.0+Release+Notes?session=00D80000000MWQE!ASAAQAqpcCiR.q5fgn73vvR2HC3gPrXPwLiqPJ2R0sluQc9q2STprniH86bkFQQ4u0a4HD08RU4tGb1YOESTS.h0zKpGSlZG&domain=https://c.na8.visual.force.com/services/Soap/u/20.0/00D80000000MWQE#SBCEdge6.0ReleaseNotes-NewFeatures

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