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Le 15 septembre, Sonus a publié un nouveau firmware en version 4.1.3.

Problèmes résolus dans cette mise à niveau:

SYM-20208 Update REST API ADCONFIG statistics resource
SYM-20194 SIP Subscribe method does not work with Outbound Proxy configured
SYM-20210 Add URL link to LX in the WebUI logging subsystem
SYM-19838 Intermittent SBC 2000 eUSB firmware upgrade failure upon system upgrade
SYM-20433 SIP stability improvement
SYM-19850 Enable SSH upon detection of system failure
SYM-19964 Port License upgrade may cause SBC configuration issue
SYM-19618 Active Directory query timeouts may result in failed calls
SYM-20090 SystemHealthMonitor stability improvement
SYM-20087 Memory leak may occur due to subscriber data re-routing
SYM-19427 SBAComms signed with SHA2-256 certificate
SYM-19743 Cannot add parameters to Request Line URI parameters via SMM Rules
SYM-19640 Factory default followed by config restore/import invalidates configured passwords
SYM-19791 TDMon stability improvement
SYM-19520 Presence of ISDN Notification Indicator IE may cause audio issues in transfers
SYM-19828 Modify Active Directory cache refresh defaults
SYM-19837 SIP stability improvement
SYM-19851 Disable Active Directory cache refresh timer while refresh is in progress
SYM-19920 Duplicate certificate configuration entries may cause first attempt to upgrade from older software releases to fail
SYM-19833 Accept calls from cached outgoing Lync connections
SYM-19826 Add response code 422 in SMM rule
SYM-19793 Using SIP INFO for digit transmission may result in one way audio
SYM-19797 SIP Server table may display "Retry Non-Stale Nonce" in error

Information ici: https://support.sonus.net/display/UXDOC41/SBC+1000-2000+4.1.3+Release+Notes

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