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Voici le blog sur les communications unifiées et la collaboration Microsoft par un MVP nominé depuis 11 ans

Sonus vient de publier un nouveau firmware pour les modèles 1000/2000: 4.1.2


Les mises à jours et corrections de ce nouveau firmware sont listées ci-dessous:

SYM-19686 Avoid passing Allow-Event header if Signaling Group is in B2BUA mode
SYM-19677 SBC may not bring the Signaling Group up when changing mode to Local Registrar
SYM-19642 Add reboot recommendation dialog upon new License application
SYM-19687 Caller hears only one ring back tone when S4B/Lync set to simring to PSTN/FXS/SIP end point
SYM-19671 Transfer failure error messages on LPE (PolyCom CX500)
SYM-19696 Correct SMM rule read-only pop-out views
SYM-19697 Credential table match logic enhancement
SYM-19538 Web Server memory leak
SYM-19543 PSTN audio issue observed in both blind and consultative transfers from Tenor FXS port
SYM-19535 Partial configuration upload fails
SYM-19541 RegisterKeepAlive in SIP Signaling Group should be displayed only if AgentType=B2BUA
SYM-19428 Remove support for SHA1 in Monitor Applet
SYM-19545 Change alarm "SIP Overload detected" text to "System CPU Overload detected"
SYM-19472 Potential incorrect routing of ISDN calls with no called number IE
SYM-19475 Download dialog blank while loading boot code
SYM-19522 Disable AGC for forked calls
SYM-19621 Add thread ID to ActiveDirectory debug level log messages
SYM-19637 CVE-2015-4024: PHP 5.5 Denial of Service via Multipart Form
SYM-19628 No audio may occur after a failed blind transfer attempt
SYM-19590 Enhance memory handling for session timer refresh
SYM-19476 SBC does not play the tone on Microsoft Lync on trying to complete the attended Transfer before answer
SYM-19440 Add delay between Registrations in non-Stagger mode
SYM-19516 Unable to login user to child or grandchild ActiveDirectory domain
SYM-19504 SBC doesn't pass through the Music on Hold generated from Microsoft Lync
SYM-19491 Accept new call on default TCP/TLS ports if INVITE has no port in targeturi
SYM-19416 SIP stability improvement
SYM-19368 MediaStreamController stability improvement
SYM-19407 Wrong port may be used when transport configuration changed from TLS to UDP
SYM-19423 SBC may not bring Signaling Group down if outstanding Register and Options request
SYM-19397 SIP stability improvement
SYM-19501 ActiveDirectory Domain Controllers which are down causes call route lookup request to time out and call fails
SYM-19442 One way audio may occur in Microsoft Lync call forward or call transfer to TDM endpoint
SYM-19254 T.38 ReINVITE with authentication may fail
SYM-19298 SBC 1000 Ready LED not correctly reflecting system status
SYM-19244 FQDN in Contact header parameter not working with Register request
SYM-19091 Correct CSR file/directory creation
SYM-19050 Call disconnected after hold 30s (DCD enabled and RTCP enabled)
SYM-19299 Call routing ActiveDirectory query occasionally fail
SYM-19172 No Audio/Video when a 3PCC transfer is between Audio Only and Audio/Video call
SYM-19203 Populated To and From header with active and plugged in Ethernet interface IP address
SYM-19342 Fax tone detect algorithm enhancement
SYM-19359 SBC disconnects SIP call within 3 minutes after receiving INVITE with replaces
SYM-19323 Intermittent MWI issue with Office 365
SYM-19348 SIP "SUBSCRIBE" request handling
SYM-19316 Incorrect RTCP statistics reported on 2nd IP leg to be disconnected
SYM-19322 Partition table does not refresh after upgrade completes
SYM-19313 Web server 'url.access-deny' rule disallows /robots.txt
SYM-18999 Monitor fails to display Signaling Group if easy config scenario description has "->" characters
SYM-19206 Port leak during ISDN-SIP Overlap Sending/Receiving Performance testing
SYM-19196 CVE-2015-2348: PHP move_uploaded_file() allows NULL in middle of path
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