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Audiocodes à publié le 16 septembre une notice pour la procédure de mise à jour du firmware 6.8 vers 7 pour les Mediant 9000 et SE/VE SBC

Product Notice #0254

Produits concernés:

Mediant Server Edition (SE) SBC
Mediant Virtual Edition (VE) SBC
Mediant 9000 SBC


Due to enhanced security support introduced in Version 7.0, the size of the Software Version file (.cmp) was increased compared to that of Version 6.8. To enable products running Version 6.8 to process this large file when upgrading to Version 7.0, a special upgrade procedure must be done in order to accommodate for this file size:

To upgrade from Version 6.8 to Version 7.0:
1. Configure the device to allow the handling of large .cmp file sizes:
a. Create an ini file that contains the following two lines:
initialshellcommand = 'HideAndNotBurn; RunOnTheFly; ForceRunAll; */ResetWebServer RESET'
b. In the Web interface, open the Load Auxiliary Files page (Maintenance tab > Software Update menu > Load Auxiliary Files).
c. Click the Browse button corresponding to the ini file type, navigate to the folder in which the file is located, select the ini file, and then click Open.
d. Click the Load File button to upload the file to the device.
2. Upgrade the device according to the software version currently running on the device:
• Software Version earlier than 6.80A.285:
i. Upgrade the device to Version 6.80A.285.
ii. Upgrade the device to Version 7.00A.029.503 or later.
• Software Version 6.80A.285 or later:
i. Upgrade the device to Version 7.00A.029.503 or later.

Je viens bientôt (quand j'aurais le temps), le faire dans mon lab, un article suivra ensuite.

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