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Polycom a publié une nouvelle version logiciel UC Software 5.4.0A

Support téléphones:

● VVX 201 business media phones
● VVX 300/310 business media phones
● VVX 400/410 business media phones
● VVX 500 business media phones
● VVX 600 business media phones
● SoundStructure VoIP Interface

Support accessoires

● VVX Camera
● VVX Expansion Module


  • Microsoft Office365 and Skype for Business Online
  • Office365 and Skype for Business Provisioning and Manageability
  • Time and Date Initial Setup
  • Modified the encoding modes on the onscreen keyboard for VVX 500 and 600 phones.
  • Removed the Pin Authentication feature when the phone is operating in a Skype for Business environment where STS-URI is not configured either through DHCP Option 43 or configuration parameters.
  • Updated the Lync Status menu in the Web Configuration Utility to show status information for all Skype for Business and Office365 features to support debugging and managing Skype for Business and Office365.
  • Modified existing parameters and removed the need for a reboot after the parameters are modified. See the section Configuration File Enhancements for a list of changed parameters.
  • Added a single installation package for the Polycom Better Together over Ethernet (BToE) application.
  • Added support to launch the Web Configuration Utility from the Polycom BToE application.
  • Added support for Office365 wildcard certificates supported on Microsoft domains.

Matrice des fonctionnalités:

Release note disponible ici: http://downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip/uc/UC_Software_Release_Notes_5_4_0_Rev_A.pdf

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