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Polycom a publié une nouvelle version logiciel UC Software 5.4.0.


Polycom UC Software 5.4.0 supports the following Polycom endpoints:
● VVX 101/201 business media phones (new phones supported in this release)
● VVX 300/310 business media phones
● VVX 400/410 business media phones
● VVX 500 business media phones
● VVX 600 business media phones
● VVX 1500 business media phones
● SoundStructure VoIP Interface
Polycom UC Software 5.4.0 supports the following Polycom accessories:
● VVX Camera
● VVX Expansion Module

Nouvelles fonctionnalités:

  • Advanced Conference (Alcatel-Lucent CTS)
  • Barge In for Busy Lamp Field Lines (Alcatel-Lucent CTS)
  • Bridge In for Shared Call Appearance (Alcatel-Lucent CTS)
  • Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Relay (Alcatel-Lucent CTS)
  • Shared Call Appearance (Alcatel-Lucent CTS)
  • Visitor Desk Phone (Alcatel-Lucent CTS)
  • SIP Instance Support – The SIP Instance Support feature provides support for using +sip.instance, a parameter used in the contact header, to identify individual phones instead of using IP addresses.
  • Comfort Noise – Previously, when Voice Activity Detection was enabled, Comfort Noise was sent using the default payload type of 13, which was not advertised in SDP. Now, when enabled, the Comfort Noise payload type is negotiated in SDP with the default of 13 for 8 KHz codecs and a configurable value between 96 and 127 for 16 KHz codecs
  • Opus Codec Support (supported on VVX 500 and 600 phones only) – Opus is an adaptive, lossy audio coding format that is suitable for interactive real-time applications over the Internet. This feature also simplifies internetworking between mobile and fixed line networks.
  • DNS Server Address Override – Previously, any DNS server address provided by DHCP is given the highest precedence even if an administrator manually enters a DNS server address.
  • Global Directory Synchronization – The Polycom Contact Directory available on Polycom phones uses two files to generate and maintain a directory
  • Basic Menu Lock – This feature enables administrators to lock the Basic menu under Settings and prevent users from customizing the phones on the network.


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