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Voici le blog sur les communications unifiées et la collaboration Microsoft par un MVP nominé depuis 11 ans

L'annonce a plusieurs semaines, mais importantes pour les organisations effectuant des restrictions d'accès pour les vlan voix basé sur l'adresse MAC:

Polycom is coming to the end of MAC prefix 00:04:F2:xx:xx:xx after nearly 16 million plus devices built
There is a new MAC prefix, 64:16:7F:xx:xx:xx, which will be used on devices going forward.

The products involved are all Voice products, including all Desktop and Conference phones

Customers need to add the new MAC prefix 64:16:7F:xx:xx:xx, which may result in having to modify existing administrative scripts and/or applications to identify devices belonging to either MAC range, as Polycom voice products.


Source: http://community.polycom.com/t5/Skype-for-Business/NEW-MAC-Address-Prefix-for-Polycom-Voice-Products/td-p/76420

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