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Polycom a rendu disponible pour le mois de Avril 2019 une nouvelle révision pour le software Polycom Trio en version 5.9.0 Rev AA

Date: 16 Avril 2019

Release notes: https://support.polycom.com/content/dam/polycom-support/products/voice/realpresence-trio/release-notes/en/polycom-trio-rn-ucs-5-9-0-aa.pdf

Téléchargement Trio 8800:  https://support.polycom.com/content/support/emea/emea/en/support/voice/polycom-trio/polycom-trio-8800.html

Téléchargement Trio 8500: https://support.polycom.com/content/support/emea/emea/en/support/voice/polycom-trio/polycom-trio-8500.html


  • Microsoft Teams Native Integration
  • Amazon Alexa Integration with Polycom Trio
  • Polycom EagleEye Cube HDCI Camera Support with VisualPro
  • Polycom Realconnect Click-to-Join Support
  • Web Sign-In for On-Premises Skype for Business Deployments
  • Remote Web Sign-in for Skype for Business
  • Outlook Contact Photo Integration
  • Video Call Overlays
  • Video and Content Layouts
  • Answering Incoming Calls with the Mute Button
  • Displaying Content Automatically While Idle
  • Rebooting Network Devices
  • Default In-Call Screen Options
  • Custom Call Control Options

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