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Audiocodes a annoncé une mise a jour intéressante de One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) en version 8.0 introduisant des nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Version: 8.0.114

Principales nouvelles fonctionnalités:

  • OVOC supports the Microsoft Graph API which provides Quality of Experience (QoE) notifications for Teams user calls. OVOC 8.0 monitors both Teams internal and peer-to-peer calls. You can now monitor a Teams call end-to-end, including calls to the PSTN network, where PSTN information is queried from AudioCodes SBCs.
    • OVOC’s quality monitoring encompasses a wide range of call types: Video calls, Screen Sharing sessions and Audio. OVOC can monitor both Teams peer-to-peer calls and Teams group calls.
    • A new Teams QoE Voice Quality Threshold Profile has been designed, including a range of QoE parameters tailored for Team’s voice calls. Default profile values match Microsoft CQD poor / good calls classification, allowing operator to match these values to actual tenant quality.
    • User Quality monitoring is now based on aggregated information for Teams and SBC calls.
    • Reports now support Teams tenants as part of predefined and self – services Device and User level reports.
    • Teams Hosters: OVOC multi-tenancy allows service providers to separately monitor QoE for calls made by users of each respective customer tenant, as well as to aggregate data across all tenants, therefore allowing Hoster IT managers to gain an overall picture for all customers tenants.
  • The OVOC Web provides an enhanced user experience including a modernized “Look and Feel”. The Web layout includes new color schemes, designation icon sets, increased spacing, magnification of screen elements and quick feature summaries. Material design guidelines for best practices have been applied to user interface design.
  • Support for new SBC versions 7.20A.300 and 7.40A.100.
  • Performance Monitoring enhancements including:
    • Support for WebRTC performance metrics
    • New DS1 performance metrics added
  • Device Manager enhancements for Android-based Teams Devices management:
    • C435HD and C470HD phones
    • RXV80 Standalone Video Collaboration Bar

Information annonce ici:  https://www.audiocodes.com/media/15949/0411-product-notice-ovoc-ga-release-ver-80.pdf

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