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Une nouvelle version de Attendant Pro pour Skype Entreprise est disponible au téléchargement: https://landiscomputer.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/6000060064-attendant-pro-update-downloads



  • Attendant Console Analytics Dashboard (No Server, No Office 365 Dependency)

Vous pouvez activer la fonctionnalité dans Options - Reporting:

Des statistiques d'appels sont maintenant visible en bas a droite de la console:

Un clic sur l'une des valeurs fait apparaître les informations de reporting:

  • Advanced Search
    • Outlook-style Search Filters
    • See Contacts in a Department (Office, Location, Title) By Select from a List Created From Contact List
  • 1-Click Saved Search
  • Setting to remove unused call transfer buttons from the “Current Call”
  • Sign In or Out of all Skype for Business RGS Queues w/1-Click or Button Press (definable hotkeys)
  • Setting to Auto-Close conversations started by Attendant Pro (suppress inactive conversation windows)
  • “Handled Calls” Panel displays the Contact who picked up a parked call
  • “Medium Contact List” formatted Contact Layout added
  • Local Machine Settings (Hkey local machine) apply to all users on a machine
  • Attendant Pro lab tested with JAWS Accessibility software
  • Added Icelandic  language (machine)
  • Users can easily give Feedback via Microsoft Office like feedback navigation


  • Pop out Contact from Contact Details header panel
  • Contacts styled a bit closer to Skype for Business & Lync 2013
  • Voicemail & Options buttons in top right styled like Skype for Business & Lync 2013
  • Contact Details displays “No Contact Selected” if that is the case instead of a blank card
  • List contact formats now dynamically size according to width
  • “Park For” now clears the “Contact Search” field


  • Recording now not interrupted by subsequent unanswered calls
  • RGS Queue statistics no longer timeout after running for some time
  • Redial now works with Skype for Business 2016

Vous pouvez avoir acces a un descriptif sur ce blog: https://attendantpro.blogspot.ca/2016/09/attendant-pro-sept-2016-q3-2016-update.html

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