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Voici le blog sur les communications unifiées et la collaboration Microsoft par un MVP nominé depuis 11 ans

Yealink vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle mise à jour applicative pour les barres de collaborations A20/30


Teams Version: 1449/

Date: 31 aout 2021

Accès aux firmwares: https://support.yealink.com/en/portal/docList?archiveType=software&productCode=99898a459cbd1a3f 

Accès a la releases notes:  https://support.yealink.com/en/portal/docDetail?documentCode=87b7644b1dd81d4a

Les nouvelles fonctionnalités sont les suivantes:

Supported BYOD mode.

Description: Go to More -> Device settings -> Advanced Feature to enable the quick ball and device mode after pairing with CTP18. You can enter BYOD mode after accessing the new VCH51.

Supported camera control during the meeting or in the idle.
Description: Go to More -> Device settings -> Advanced Feature to enable the quick ball and camera control after pairing with CTP18. You can control the camera during the meeting or in idle.

Supported remote provisioning and remote sign in.
Description: Remote provisioning and remote sign in experience revolutionizes how we view authentication and deployment of the devices.

Supported new and simple sign-in experience.
Description: A simple sign in user interface has been introduced via the latest Teams update. Users are provided with the option to sign in from any browser or smartphone with a prominent device code.

Supported multi-cloud sign-in.
Description: For authentication into specialized clouds, users can choose a specific environment from Settings.

Supported remote Provisioning and sign in from Teams Admin Center.
Description: IT admins can remotely provision and sign in to a Teams device. To provision a device remotely, the admin needs to upload the MAC IDs of the devices being provisioned and create a verification code. The entire process can be completed remotely from the Teams admin center.

Supported room remote.
Description: Users have a new, more convenient way to control the Teams Rooms. When a user is in the same meeting with a nearby room system, they can invoke a room remote which allows users to control room functionality – mic, camera, volume, live captions, and layouts.

Supported HDMI ingest.
Description: Starting with this release, select Teams Rooms devices will support sharing content through an HDMI input port. You can plug in a sharing-capable device (e.g., laptop) to an HDMI port on the device and project content to the front of the room display when not in the meeting OR share content during the meeting.

Supported show meeting names.
Description: Privacy has always been important to Microsoft, so with this release we are introducing an ability to hide meeting titles in the calendar and display organizer names instead.

Supported Live captions for 1:1 calls.
Description: We have extended the live captions feature to calls, Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android can now detect what's said in a call and present real-time captions in 1:1 calls.

Supported 1080p resolution for outgoing video.
Description: With this release select Microsoft Teams Room are now capable of transmitting 1080p resolution.

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