Le Cloud de Christophe BOUCETTA

Voici le blog sur les communications unifiées et la collaboration Microsoft par un MVP nominé depuis 11 ans

Yealink vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle mise à jour applicative pour ces téléphones Teams T55A, T56A, T58A, CP960, MP54, MP56, MP58

Version T55/56/58A:

Version CP960:

Version MP5X: 122.15.060

Teams Version: 2021101205

Partner APP Version: 21092919

Date: 03 Novembre 2021

Accès aux firmwares MP56:  https://support.yealink.com/en/portal/home

Accès a la releases notes:  https://support.yealink.com/en/portal/docDetail?documentCode=ac12ac91bccd1dd6

Les nouvelles fonctionnalités sont les suivantes:

- Supported that remote sign-out from TAC.
- Supported that Branch Office Survivability is available for Teams Phones.
- Supported that set to hide names and meeting titles for individual devices.
- Supported that set time zone before signing in.
- Supported that assigning SIP account to hybrid mode from YMCS/YDMP.
- Supported compatibility of YHS headsets and EPOS headsets.
- Supported auto-answer for emergency situations.
- Supported that acquires device certifications automatically through SCEP protocol.
- Supported proxy server that is used in the enterprise to protect the network security.
- Supported that web access only through http(s) by default.
- Supported that PIN the contact on EXP50 and sorts the contact list
- Supported that web access can be set to be bundled with certification authentication.
- Supported that set complex PIN for phone lock.
- Supported that set time zone when booting the device.
- Supported that set language of English (UK).


- Optimized audio latency.
- Optimized UI reflection latency.
- Optimized screen saver timeout.

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