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Microsoft a rendu disponible une nouvelle mise à jour applicative pour les Microsoft Teams Rooms sur Android, anciennement barre de collaborations

Une nouvelle mise à jour avec des fonctionnalités telles que des expériences de réunion améliorées, le partage de contenu, de nouvelles réactions sont désormais disponible pour Teams Rooms sur Android.

Cette mise à jour peut être déployée via le centre d'administration Teams et sera disponible dans toutes les salles Teams sur les appareils Android.

Les nouvelles fonctionnalités sont les suivantes:

  • Meetings now display more attendee videos and provide additional flexibility of what is shown on the Teams Room front-of-room displays. Here are a few significant improvements:

    • Split gallery views in a dual screen meeting

    • Spotlight multiple attendees at once

    • Docked meeting controls

    • New reactions

  • You can view content in the room or share it into the meeting by plugging in an HDMI cable. Available for all certified devices with HDMI capability.

  • Presenters and organizers are able to control camera and microphone access for all attendees.

  • Five new wallpapers to choose from to customize your Teams Rooms on Android devices. These wallpapers will apply to the front-of-room displays in a single and dual screen configuration.

  • Webinar presenters can now join and participate from the Teams Room on Android devices.

  • To provide a more cohesive experience, all IT admin settings are combined into one group under device settings for easier room configuration.

    • These settings are available only on shared room accounts and require a password to access.

    • This functionality will be available on a select set of devices.

  • A warning message will appear on the front-of-room display when the room is over capacity.

    • This will initially be available only on these select devices: EPOS ESPAND Vision 3T, Yealink MeetingBar A20, Yealink MeetingBar A30.

  • When someone checks in on a Teams panel devices and the previous meeting is running over, a notification will appear on the front-of-room display to inform those in the room that their meeting is over, and that people are waiting for the room. (Must have a Teams panel device paired with the Teams Room device.

Release notes: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/what-s-new-in-microsoft-teams-devices-eabf4d81-acdd-4b23-afa1-9ee47bb7c5e2#ID0EABAAA=Teams_Rooms_on_Android

Une présentation des principales nouveautés est disponible ici: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/what-s-new-in-microsoft-teams-february-2022/ba-p/3215410

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