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The following features are new to Lync Server 2013 Management Packs.

  • Scenario availability from any location. The Lync Server 2010 Management Pack introduced the concept of monitoring user scenario availability with synthetic transactions—Windows® PowerShell® command-line interface cmdlets that verify that key Lync Server components are working as expected. In Lync Server 2013, synthetic transactions are even more useful. You can run them from a variety of locations inside the enterprise, from remote locations outside the enterprise, against branch office appliances, and against Lync 2010 deployments to add coverage to legacy Edge deployments.
  • Synthetic transaction logs. When a synthetic transaction fails, you have access to HTML logs to help determine the exact nature of the failure. This includes understanding which action failed, the latency of each action, the command line used to run the test, and the specific error that occurred.
  • Increased call reliability coverage. The Lync Server 2010 Management Pack introduced call reliability alerts to detect severe connectivity issues affecting the audio quality of users’ calls. The Lync Server 2013 Management Packs add reliability alerts for peer-to-peer instant messaging (IM) and other conferencing features, to maximize coverage while reducing noise.
  • Dependency monitoring. Lync Server scenarios can fail due to a variety of external factors, such as Internet Information Services (IIS) being offline, limited CPU and memory resources, and disk issues. The new management packs monitor critical dependencies to keep you aware of these impacts.
  • Enhanced reporting. A set of reports, including rich logging, to help you estimate scenario availability, plan for capacity, and see which components experience the most issues.
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