Le Cloud de Christophe BOUCETTA

Voici le blog sur les communications unifiées et la collaboration Microsoft par un MVP nominé depuis 11 ans

Andrew Morpeth vient de partager un outil sympa accessible sur ce lien: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Lync-Phone-Edition-LPE-Log-e1686e46

L'outil s'appelle Lync Phone Edition (LPE) Log Viewer.


Lync Phone Edition Log Viewer allows you to view and filter the logs held on the Lync Phone Edition devices. These logs are actually very useful once the garbage has been removed, and reveal a lot about the sign-in process and the errors that come with it.

For more information see - http://www.lync.geek.nz/2014/09/lync-phone-edition-lpe-log-viewer.html

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