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Vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement sur le site de orbitone.com une application sympa qui se nomme Lync Meeting Reminder


Orbit One has made a handy plug-in for Lync 2013. This sends an instant messaging (IM) message or e-mail to the organiser of the meeting as soon as your guests have arrived to the online meeting. With a click of the button, you’re in the meeting straight away. You can also send an IM message to let your visitors know that you are on your way.

With Lync Meeting Reminder, you as the organiser don’t have to wait until someone signs in, but you only go to the meeting once you receive the IM message that the first participant has arrived. Whether this is a little earlier or later than agreed is no longer important. What’s more, your guests don’t have to wait until you arrive either.

Vous pouvez accéder a un article sur cette application directement sur ce blog ainsi que le lien de téléchargement: http://blog.orbitone.com/post/Never-be-late-for-an-online-meeting-again-CEBP

L'application ne peut pas être colocalisé avec un rôle Lync existant, il faut ensuite la truster dans l'environnement.


o MS Lync Server 2013 On-Premise
o Lync Online/Office 365 is NOT supported
(Microsoft does not yet offer support for UCMA in Lync Online)
o The server must be a 64-bit computer
o .NET Framework 4.5 (Full Profile) needs to be installed
o Supported operating systems:
o Windows 2012 Server
o Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
o Windows 8
o Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) (64-bit) Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate editions


Is it compatible with Lync Online / Office 365?
No, unfortunately Microsoft does not yet offer support for UCMA in Lync Online.

Can I disable the Lync reminder solution for specific users?
You need to specify the users (SIP addresses) for whom the system is enabled.

Can I customize the message send to the meeting organizer?
Yes, both the IM as the email can be customized

Can I also send a notification to people who are not he meeting organizer?
This is not foreseen in the current implementation. Orbit One can make a custom solution to your needs.

When will the meeting organizer be notified that his guest have arrived?
A few seconds after each guest/user enters the meeting, the meeting organizer will receive an IM or email alert
This only happens if the meeting organizer is not yet in the meeting

What if I schedule a meeting for next week, and a participant already tries to join as a test some days before?
The reminder will not be sent. It's only active for 60 minutes before the meeting start hour until the meeting end
hour. Configurable with setting processingMeetingsTimeFrame

What happens if the meeting organizer replies to the IM/email?
Currently this does nothing. We can add extra logic that would allow the meeting organize to inform his guests
through a reply.

Le guide de déploiement est fourni lors du téléchargement, je vais surement l'installer dans mon lab prochainement et faire un article sur le sujet.

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