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Citrix vient d'annoncer et de publier un document très interessant concernant la mise en place d'un environnement Lync Server avec Citrix XenDesktop 5.0: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX128831


This article provides guidelines for configuring XenDesktop 5 to deliver Microsoft Lync (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator). Microsoft Lync is a unified communications client used with Microsoft Lync Server that provides instant messaging, voice chat and desktop video conferencing. Citrix XenDesktop with HDX RealTime allows users to communicate using the voice chat and video chat features of Microsoft Lync.

There are three scenarios where HDX RealTime is used with Lync:

  • Voice chat using Voice-over-IP. This feature of Lync is much like using a telephone. It enables users to chat in real time using a headset or USB telephone connected to their computer or thin client.
  • Video conferencing as an observer (voice-only participant). A user may choose to join in a video conference as a voice-only participant. The user can view the video conference and participate in the conversation but does not use a webcam.
  • Video chat using a webcam.

This article describes how to get the best results from both products in these scenarios. It is split into two sections; the first section deals with any configuration changes needed to the XenDesktop 5 environment and the second section looks at Microsoft Lync itself.

For information on using XenApp 6 to deliver Microsoft Office Communicator, see CTX124655 - Best Practice: How to Configure XenApp 6 for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2.



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