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Matinée qui commence mal, suite aux mises a jours d'hier soir, le service dur rôle d'access sur le Edge ne veut plus démarrer! l'erreur :

La raison et la résolution :

Security updates are important. And as we’re currently an evaluation setup for OCS 2007 R2, i’ve decided to install todays batch of security updates on these lesser important machines first. And after a reboot, OCS 2007 R2 was broken.

A quick view into the event log revealed that OCS 2007 R2’s evaluation license has expired. Now, this seemed very strange as i’ve installed from volume license media. I’ve the checked the media again, but they weren’t evaluation media.

Here’s the message in all it’s glory:

Event source: OCS Server
Event id: 12290
Event text: The evaluation period for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 has expired. Please upgrade from the evaluation version to the full released version of the product.

Maybe i really did use other media to install it? I doubted myself, because that’s usually the most reasonable approach to take. The error is usually behind the keyboard.

Luckily, Microsoft has published documentation on how to upgrade an evaluation version to a full version. Unfortunately, this didn’t work, because as it appears i was running a Volume license version of OCS.

EVALTOFULL parameter cannot be used with currently installed license type Volume

At this point, i was pretty sure that this wasn’t my fault. There has been an issue with the OCS 2007 R2 Evaluation Media expiring at the wrong point in time, but apparently this has been sorted out and did never affect the full versions of OCS 2007 R2.

So i was bummed. A quick view using process monitor revealed that the licensing information was most likely to be stored here:


I created a backup of that part of the registry, and then renamed the key. I got a file not found error, and created a new key of the same type and wrote binary data of the same length into it. This yielded the following error:

The service is shutting down due to an internal error.

Error Code: 80093102 (ASN1 unexpected end of data.)

At that point, i was pretty sure what might’ve caused this – the MS Crypto API security update KB974571.

I removed the update, rebooted the machine, and OCS 2007 R2 was up and running again, without any issues.

I’ve already opened a case with Microsoft to get this sorted out.

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