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Une mise à jour pour la version Iphone a été publiée. Cette mise à jour régle certaines problématiques concernant son installation :


  • Support for OCS CWA 2007 and 2007 R2 servers that are published behind an ISA Server using Single-Sign On (SSO) authentication. If you have deployed CWA using ISA SSO, the connection will now be seamless.
  • Support for Enterprise certificates. If your OCS CWA is configured with an internal certificate, the user is warned about the untrusted certificate and can choose to “accept” the certificate in order to proceed. This is the same behavior that is available in all major web browsers today. This will greatly improve the out of box experience for users at companies that have used an internal CA to issue their CWA certificate (or certain Public CA’s that have proved to be problematic for the iPhone platform).
  • Support for Distribution Groups (This feature is available only if your company has deployed OCS 2007 R2).
  • Robust connection status information and error messages


  • Improved speed and responsiveness.
  • Support for passwords with certain special characters.
  • Fix for intermittent app crashes when signed in to multiple OCS endpoints.
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