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C'est officiel, les firmwares en version 3.0 sont disponible pour les téléphones IP Audiocodes série HD400.

La premiere version GA est 3.0.575.42.

Les modèles compatibles sont les HD450, 420, 440 et 450.

Les nouveautés:

- Online sign-in – connectivity to Office 365. New capability to sign in to (connect to) and authenticate with Microsoft's Cloud PBX, Microsoft's cloud-hosted version of enterprise voice. AudioCodes' phone features two new sign-in method options, allowing users to connect to Microsoft's Cloud PBX:
    • ADAL (Azure AD Authentication Library) that is based on OAuth 2.0 (RFC 6749). The phone always starts with ADAL and if it's unavailable on the server side, the phone moves to OrgID.
    • OrgID (Organizational ID) or LiveID is Microsoft's proprietary connectivity to Cloud services.

- Multi-Party Skype for Business Remote Conferencing utilizing CCCP (Centralized Conference Control Protocol) is now supported on the phone. A new Meet Now/Conf softkey is displayed by default in the 400HD phones. The softkey allows users to easily initiate remote multi-party Skype for Business conference calls. By pressing the new softkey, users can initiate, join or be added to a multi-party conference call while having full control and viewing capability.

Users can now:
     • View the Roster – see other participants and their status (like the Mute option, Hold status)
     • View the conference PSTN dial-in number and conference ID
     • Mute/Unmute other participants
     • Manage the conference status as Lock/Unlock
     • Manage the Lobby for Conference calls that Lobby is defined – Admit/Deny other participants
     • Presenters in a conference can add users to the conference
     • Presenters in a conference can remove users from the conference
     • Presenters in a conference can change the role of a participant between 'presenter and attendant'
In versions prior to Version, supported conference capability was locally based (phone based) and limited to three users in a 3-way conference, or remote based, with more than two parties from the Skype for Business client, using the BToE feature.
     • Merging a call into a conference. Two separate calls can now be merged into one
conference call. This can be performed via a new Merge option accessed from the phone's
Call Menu softkey, or via the Skype for Business client if the user is paired.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server (Calendar) + click to join a Skype for Business meeting. [Applies to all AudioCodes phones except the 420HD]. Users can view their Microsoft Exchange Calendar meetings in the phone's LCD by selecting a new Calendar option from the MENU key. The phone by default displays meetings scheduled to commence between the present and 24 hours from the present (24H), but the network administrator can change the default and configure the phone to display meetings scheduled to commence between the midnight of the night before the present and the midnight of the night ahead (TODAY). Via the phone, the user can join any online meeting scheduled in Skype for Business: A Join softkey is displayed for the user to join 400HD Series IP Phones for Skype for Business in the meeting online. To connect to Microsoft Exchange and receive the Calendar feature, sign-in must be with username in UPN format, as described in the Note above.

Visual Voice Mail. [Applies to all phones except 420HD]. By pressing the voicemail key on the phone, users can now see a list of voicemail messages and select which message to listen to or delete. The user’s voicemail must be enabled to allow this feature. When a call comes in, the caller can be referred directly to voicemail by pressing a To VM softkey displayed when the phone rings

    • Automatic Pairing (requires BToE PC/laptop application Version 2.x). Users no longer need to manually pair the BToE PC/laptop application with the phone. If the laptop after automatic pairing is disconnected and moved to another location, its speaker/headset becomes the audio device associated with the Skype for Business client.
If the laptop is manually paired and then relocated (manual pairing is still an option), Skype for Business audio remains through the phone. It's therefore advisable to pair automatically.
Note: If BToE with manual pairing has already been performed on a PC/laptop and you want to automatically pair, you must delete the old pair code from the BToE PC/laptop application in order to allow BToE automatic pairing.
    • Support for video calls. When a video call comes in, video is displayed on the PC/laptop, voice is routed to the phone. By Skype for Business design, the phone performs similarly to a
USB device during this scenario. The feature is supported only if the user's phone was automatically paired (by connecting its PC port to the PC/laptop ‘behind’ it).
    • Switching between audio devices. Users can switch back and forth between audio devices. A user in an active call can switch from the phone to using a USB headset connected to the PC, for example, and then back to using the phone. In this scenario, when going back to using the phone, the phone performs similarly to a USB device (by Skype for Business design). The feature is supported only if the user's phone was automatically paired (by connecting its PC port to the PC/laptop ‘behind’ it).

Phone Automatic lock. The Skype for Business phone now supports the capability to automatically lock after a preconfigured period of time. The feature secures phones against unwanted (mis)use. When the phone is locked:
• Incoming calls are allowed but outgoing calls require a security PIN code
• Without the PIN code, the Call Log, Calendar and Corporate Directory

Locking / unlocking a paired phone: If a user's phone was automatically paired (by connecting its PC port to the PC/laptop ‘behind’ it) and if the PC/laptop is active (not locked), the phone cannot be manually locked. The user can manually lock it only after locking the PC/laptop. If the user doesn't manually lock the phone, it will nevertheless automatically lock after the timeout preconfigured in the Skype for Business server lapses. The phone will unlock only after the user unlocks their PC/laptop or if the user manually unlocks the phone.

Capability to handle multiple calls - N Concurrent calls (NCC). The phone is capable of managing up to 8 concurrent calls per line, for example, of holding multiple calls and switching
between them (most relevant to the receptionist)

Incoming calls to a Delegated Line are displayed in the sidecar of the 440HD IP phone (exclusively). A new option was added to display in the phone's sidecar incoming and outgoing
calls which users can pick up. The phone is capable of presenting up to 12 active calls (limited by the number of the phone's sidecar keys), and of handling up to eight calls simultaneously.

Integrated Log Upload. Allows uploading logs from the phone to the Microsoft server for troubleshooting/support purposes. Complies with Microsoft's certification requirements for 3rd party Skype for Business clients.

Device Update. The Skype for Business server can update the IP phone firmware version. For detailed information on the update process, refer to https://technet.microsoft.com/enus/

Quality of Experience (QoE) reports are now sent to Microsoft's SQL server. The phone supports QoE reporting directly to the Skype for Business monitoring tool. Supported metrics include the voice quality parameters of Jitter and Packet Loss.

Skype for Business 'Favorites' contacts & Outlook contacts integrated with the phone.
[Applies to all AudioCodes phones except the 420HD). Contact groups defined in Skype for Business & Outlook contacts are now integrated with the phone. Pressing the CONTACTS hard key on the phone displays by default the 'Favorites' contact group defined in the Skype for Business client. The user can dial a contact directly from it. In addition, pressing the Menu softkey in the Favorites' screen provides the option to access other 'Contact groups' such as 'Outlook Contacts' or "Family'.

New codecs supported: Skype's SILK 8000 and SILK 16000. SILK is an audio compression format and audio codec that can use a sampling frequency of 8, 12, 16 or 24 kHz and a bit rate from 6 to 40 Kbit/s. Main features:
• Compatibility with Skype for Business
• Flexible bitrate
• High quality
• Variety of sampling frequency
• Inband FEC and good resilience to Packet Loss

The phone’s TRANSFER hard key now by default performs Blind Transfer instead of Consultative Transfer.
A new logging option SIPE (a third-party Pidgin plugin for Microsoft Skype for Business client) was added to the System Logging page. This logging level may help with the investigation of cases related to Exchange integration.

Forcing PIN code authentication. Using a new configuration file parameter, the network administrator can force PIN code authentication; the only sign-in option will then be with user
extension number and PIN code. Allowing only the basic PIN code option on the user's phone helps avoid user mistakes and helps avoid storing the user password on the phone.

The SIP User Agent field was modified in compliance with Microsoft’s UC requirements. The modified information now appears in all SIP messages that have a User Agent ‘Header’ field. Until now, the User-Agent was (for example):
• AUDC-IPPhone-405_UC_2.
The new User-Agent is (for example):
• AUDC/ AUDC-IPPhone-405_UC_3.0.0.575.42

Ability to make new calls during incoming calls. [Applicable to all phones except the 405HD and 420HD].
• The procedure of making a new outgoing call is not interrupted by an incoming call. The incoming call does not disrupt the user's number dialing process. The user can finish entering the digits and make their call, uninterrupted by the incoming call.
• Ability to ignore an incoming call by initiating a new one. When the user's phone rings indicating an incoming call, they can initiate a new call, ignoring the incoming, by pressing a
New Call softkey.

Liste des nouveautés, fonctionnalités supportés, ajustements, corrections dans la release notes LTRT-08293 400HD IP Phone Series for Microsoft Skype for Business Release Notes Ver.

Téléchargement ici: http://www.audiocodes.com/downloads/solutions

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