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[Skype for Business] Téléphones IP Audiocodes HD400 - Firmware

La dernière version logiciel Skype Entreprise disponible au téléchargement pour les téléphones IP Audiocodes HD400 est la

Aucune nouveauté en terme de fonctionnalité utilisateur.

Problèmes corrigés dans cette version.

- On rare occasions and only in specific environments, the user cannot hear the remote side at the beginning of a call for several seconds.
- Blind Transfer scenarios on rare occasions lead to dropped calls and phone reinitialization.
- A delay is noticed when answering incoming calls to a Response Group line.
- The phone configures its internal switch with VLAN tagged =1 when the external switch port is configured untagged (native) Vlan =1.
- Priority of ICE UDP host candidates in the SIP SDP packet is lower than TCP, causing the call to not be established.
- BToE:
• Users with a very specific user length (X*31 +1) cannot be paired.
• Escalation of a call from audio to video with a paired user may cause the call to disconnect.
- When the first incoming media packet is a Comfort Noise packet, voice on the incoming path may be inaudible because the configurable parameter 'prevent_CN_in_early_media' is configured to 0.
- Although log files are supposed to be cyclic and 50 KB in size, some may exceed their size limitation and cause flawed phone performance.
- On rare occasions, softkeys disappear after 24 days.
- The phone cannot redial a number that has a non-DID extension.
- In some environments, calls from PSTN occasionally disconnect immediately due to a mismatch in SRTP format.
- Some Hungarian characters cannot be displayed.
- Some Japanese characters cannot be displayed.

Plus d'informations ici: http://www.audiocodes.com/downloads

Toujours impatient de la future release officielle de la version 3.0 qui va amener beaucoup de nouvelle fonctionnalité.

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