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Polycom a publier pour le mois de Mars 2018 une nouvelle révision pour le software des téléphones Spectralink séries 84  en version 5.5.10.x182 

La révision pour Skype Entreprise s'applique aux téléphones suivants:

  • Spectralink séries 84

Nouvelles fonctionnalités:

  • Music on Hold

The Music on Hold feature allows the administrator to download either the default .wav file or a custom music .wav file from the provisioning server to play on the handset when a call is on hold. Tones are downloaded to the device at startup and stored in volatile memory. A custom .wav file can be uploaded to the provisioning server. Files will be truncated to a
maximum size of 300 kilobytes. Two WAVE (.wav) file formats are supported:

mono 8 kHz G.711 u-Law
G.711 A-Law

  • Presence and Messaging are now independent of each other

Formerly, an admin had to enable both presence and messaging in order to have either work properly. These two features have been disconnected and now one can be enabled without the other. In other words, one can now keep presence but disable IM or, disable presence but keep IM, a less likely situation.

  • Camp on for presence

Camp on for presence allows a user to tag any contact from the SfB Contacts list or Corporate Directory (when presence is shown) for a notification when the contact’s presence changes. An audible beep can be turned on or off by the administrator.

  • Global Address List-Search feature (GALS)

The global address list search feature works in conjunction with the corporate directory and presence to provide a searchable function for both the active directory environment and SfB resources such as common area phones.

Corrections et améliorations

E-862 SfB contact list now shows both SIP URI and contact phone number providing user both options to call contact
E-878 Fixed LDAP Search query issue. (Fixed in 5.4.x)
E-888 Software appropriately tags wireless packets with DSCP tag
E-891 Software has lowered volume on in-call alerts
E-892 Fixed a 6 second delay on some incoming calls
E-900 Fixed lockup when switching between lines
E-906 GALS implementation fixed problems with global address book
E-914 Fixed call drop from incoming call from external network without RTCP
E-917 Calls from SfB RGS no longer fail
E-918 Now supports Avaya Session Manager 7.1
E-922 Can now use EFK for speed dial

Informations et téléchargement ici: http://support.spectralink.com/products/wi-fi/spectralink-84-series-wireless-telephone

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