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Le 1ier juin, Sonus a rendu disponible la version SBC SWe Lite 6.1.2.

Version: Sonus SBC SWe Lite Release 6.1.2 build 104 


  • Music on Hold Support
  • SCOM Support


CHOR-189 Music On Hold Support.
CHOR-1015 ESXi will not come up after setting a static MAC address.
CHOR-1057 System reboot pushes the SWE Lite clock ahead.
CHOR-1112 SCOM Support.
CHOR-1119 Raise alarm if countable license is beyond SWe Lite capacity.
CHOR-1122 LM does not set expiration date for BRSF license.
CHOR-1124 Hyper-V instance cannot handle 100 concurrent calls with complex codec.
CHOR-1150 Add Q.850 to SIP and SIP to Q.850 mapping
CHOR-1159 Handle ROC for non-SFB endpoints.
CHOR-1160 SWe Lite should have unique sysObjectID.
CHOR-1171 Calls failed with G722 SS enabled.
CHOR-1172 Media System Control stability improvements.
CHOR-1173 netconfig user prompts whether to configure static IP after initial setup.
CHOR-1214 double reboot for KVM and ESXi after installation.
CHOR-1276 One way audio in SIP to SFB calls.
SYM-22988 SBC accepted register request after call route failure in Access Mode.
SYM-22989 SIP stability improvements.
SYM-22990 Cause Code Mapping table does not support several SIP responses.
SYM-23027 INVITE without SDP and PRACK with SDP handling.
SYM-23033 UX: SBC2000 sends "486 Busy Here" when a phone tries to pick up the parked call for second time.
SYM-23048 SIP message handling improvements.
SYM-23056 Radius stability improvements.
SYM-23162 The password plugin shows the password in plain text when the field display is toggled.
SYM-23165 SBC doesn't response for 401 Unauthorized challenge if outbound proxy is configured.
SYM-23209 Add AD Cache Refresh action to REST.

Problèmes connus:


Multiple codecs, with SRTP, and media bypass Disabled, causes intermittent transferred call drop.

Available workarounds:

  • Keep supported codecs by Mediation in SWe Lite towards Mediation (always supports 711)
  • Media bypass : Enable
  • Use RTP instead of SRTP

Lien: https://support.sonus.net/display/UXDOC61/SBC+SWe+Lite+6.1.2+Release+Notes

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