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James Cussen a publié un nouvel outil: Skype for Business Address Book Normalisation Tool

Son site étant déjà une mine d'or en termes d'outils.


Tool Features:
  • Import Existing “Company_Phone_Number_Normalization_Rules.txt” files into the system.
  • Add/Edit address book rules to the system. If the rule you are setting has a name that matches an existing rule, then the existing rule will be edited. If the rule’s name does not match an existing rule then it will be added as a new rule to the list.
  • Delete rules from the system.
  • Create new Site based Address Book Normalisation Rules policies.
  • Change the priority of rules.
  • Custom written rule testing code for testing pattern and translation matches as well as the resultant number.
  • Export rules back into a “Company_Phone_Number_Normalization_Rules.txt” file format.
  • Test the rules! Skype for Business currently (at the time of writing this) doesn’t have Address Book Normalisation testing capabilities. So I wrote a custom testing engine into the tool providing this feature. By entering a number into the Test textbox and pressing the Test Number button, the tool will highlight all of the rules that match in the currently selected Global/Site level Policy patterns in blue. The rule that has the highest priority and matches the tested number will be highlighted in red. The pattern and translation of the highest priority match (the one highlighted in red) will be used to do the translation on the Test Number and the resultant translated number will be displayed by the Test Result label.

Informations ici: http://www.myskypelab.com/2015/07/skype-for-business-address-book.html

Téléchargement ici: http://1drv.ms/1gctIhN

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