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Microsoft a rendu disponible au publique la version 1.1 de Real-Time Statistics Manager (StatsMan).

Téléchargement ici: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49491

Les nouveautés:

  • A new scenario feature has been added to create a more data centric view into what is happening with your environment. For example, the Pool Failover scenario (shown on the right) allows relevant failover statistics for two pools to be viewed side by side for easy comparison.  The table values update in real time, and any cell in the table can be added to the chart to see history for that counter.
  • Improved event logging is now in place for the Listener and Agent services, allowing easier troubleshooting of your StatsMan deployment.  Detailed troubleshooting information can also be found on TechNet: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt703767.aspx

Full StatsMan 1.1 Changelog

  • Features:
  • Scenario views have been added for Edge Media, Fabric Health, Pool Failover and Registration scenarios.
  • Command line PerfAgentStorageManager.exe (installed with the Listener) can now export counter data as a CSV.
  • Many new additional counters added for SQL servers, Windows Fabric, and S4B usage counters, etc.
  • Watcher node integration for the StatsMan Agent – if the Agent is installed on a watcher node, it will report synthetic transaction statistics as counters back to StatsMan.

Bug fixes:

  • UI/Server/Agent - Numerous significant reliability / performance improvements
  • UI - Main filter control now sorts correctly with different cases (was leading people to think certain servers weren’t in the system when they were):
  • Server - Server components will now install on non-English servers.
  • Server/Agent - In some cases, agent and server components would not install with .NET errors due to a specific version of .NET 4.0.  This has been resolved.
  • Agent – Extended event logging added for the StatsMan Agent.  The agent will no longer crash when installed on a server not in the topology, this will now be logged in the event log, along with many other possible error conditions.

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