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Ribbon a rendu disponible nouveau firmware Sonus SBC SWe Lite en version 7 amenant toute une série de nouvelles fonctionnalités et possibilité de support.

Release: 8.1.0 build 224

Date: 14 avril 2020

Nouvelles fonctionnalités:

CHOR-3700 Quick Launch for Azure

The Microsoft-certified SBC SWe Lite can now be deployed via Quick Launch for Azure, which saves enterprises time and energy on the SBC
SWe Lite activation and configuration. In Azure, the SBC SWe Lite provides comprehensive security and interworking to enterprises deploying
voice services in Microsoft Teams.Organizations can connect their SIP trunks to the Microsoft Phone System while optimizing Azure resources.

CHOR-3623 DS v2 VMs are supported in SBC SWe Lite

The DS v2 VMs are supported when deploying SBC SWe Lite via Azure: B1ms, B2s. DS1_v2 and DS3_v2.

CHOR-1720 SILK Codec Transcode Support

The SBC SWe Lite supports the SILK audio codec. Skype designates SILK as an internet wideband audio codec for use in VoIP.

CHOR-2061 CDR Record Enhancement

To enhance the CDR record when the SBC SWe Lite is interoperating with Ribbon's Protect, the NET-Bwd-Max-Packet-Outage CDR attribute is
added to the CDR record. Two existing attributes are also used for this purpose: NET-Fwd-RTP-Avg-Jitter and NET-Bwd-RTP-Avg-Jitter

SYM-23703 Ribbon Protect "Bad Number" Table Added

Protect uses the CDRs/logs generated by the SBC SWe Lite to identify bad actors. These bad actors are blocked from accessing the SBC SWe
Lite through a dynamic black listing mechanism. The REST Interface helps Protect to enable these actors to be blacklisted by SBC SBC SWe

CHOR-3307 Create Single QCOW2 Image for the SBC SWe Lite

For the SBC SWe Lite Release 8.1 and later, the SBC uses a single QCOW2 image file instead of multiple QCOW2 image files. As a result, the
SBC cannot be downgraded from Release 8.1 and later to Release 8.0 and earlier.

Matrice de mise à niveau logiciel:

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