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[Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams] Nouveau firmware Audiocodes SBC et media gateway en version 7.20A.252 introduisant des nouvelles fonctionnalités

Audiocodes a rendu disponible un nouveau firmware pour ces passerelles de types SBC et Media gateway introduisant des nouvelles fonctionnalités intéressantes.

Version: 7.20A.252

Principales nouvelles fonctionnalités:

• Configurable sending of HTTP POST notifications to external HTTP servers during the SBC routing process. This allows triggering external applications/actions following call events and conditions, for example, 911 emergency calls.
• Customization of severity levels of the device's SNMP trap alarms, including the ability to suppress alarms or specific severity levels.
• Customization of user access privileges per Web interface page.
• Granular SNMP-based performance monitoring statistics:
• Additional performance monitoring MIBs for call success and failure
• User-defined performance monitoring MIBs for call failure responses
• Enhanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) mechanism for WebRTC.
• Remote phone number configuration via connected FXS analog phone keypad. This capability is available on AudioCodes hybrid (SBC / Analog Gateway) appliances such as the MP-1288. The feature is especially useful for configuring large distributed deployments with many analog extensions, for example, in the hospitality market.
• Mediant 9030/9080 and Mediant 9000 Rev B: The devices’ management interfaces (Web, CLI, SNMP and REST) now present chassis status of fans, temperature and power supply via its Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI).
• IP subnet-based conditions for SIP message manipulation rules.
• Enhanced Test Call functionality (breaking backward compatibility):
• Ability to play a configurable tone from the installed PRT file
• Support for early media

Produits concernés:

• Mediant Software SBC:
           • Virtual Edition (VE)
           • Cloud Edition (CE)
           • Server Edition (SE)
• Mediant 9000 / Rev. B / 9030 / 9080
• Mediant 4000 SBC
• Mediant 2600 E-SBC
• Mediant 1000 E-SBC & Media Gateway
• Mediant 800 E-SBC & Media Gateway
• Mediant 500 E-SBC & Media Gateway
• Mediant 500L E-SBC & Media Gateway
• MP-1288 Media Gateway

Information ici: https://www.audiocodes.com/media/13915/0360-product-notice-software-update-720a252-for-sbcs-gateways.pdf

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