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Audiocodes SmartTAP est une solution d'enregistrement d'appels pour Microsoft Skype for Business.

Audiocodes vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle version 4.2: https://blog.audiocodes.com/product-notice-0338-ga-release-of-smarttap-software-version-4.2

Nouvelles fonctionnalités:

- Microsoft Skype for Business Video-Based Desktop Sharing calls can now be recorded by SmartTAP.
- SmartTAP components are now added automatically to the Managed Devices table and devices now send heartbeats at periodic intervals to indicate their registration status.
- Support for Active Directory subtree scanning for mapping users, groups and security groups to SmartTAP.
- The Subject Alternative Name field can now be configured for the CSR (Certificate Signing Request).
- A new view mode in the Calls search results page enables you to view the media type and details over a calendar timeline with the capability to drill down to the hour of the day.
- The Announcement Service has been enhanced - blacklisting of numbers to not play announcements, as well as playing of announcements on internal calls.

Notice produit: https://www.audiocodes.com/media/13455/0338-product-notice-ga-release-of-smarttap-software-version-42.pdf?utm_campaign=Product%20Notices&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_M-A7Wog_P6s2VDznqVh5O64OCsObdfNqecIVCy0RTvSQHCXNMkB29qtSpPk7wNuRyUUTv

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