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Greg partage sur son site un outil intéressant aussi pour vos documentations: Convert-SonusSbcConfigToWord.ps1


The name’s a bit of a mouthful, but “Convert-SonusSbcConfigToWord.ps1” takes the backup file from your Sonus SBC/UX 1000 or 2000 gateway and creates a new Word document, with all of the important(?) configuration information captured in tables.


  • Decodes gateway versions up to 4.1.2
  • Converts and saves the config to a new Word document, and optionally makes a PDF of it too
  • Doesn’t need any Lync PowerShell modules – it’s fine on your Win 7 or Win 8 machine (which needs to have Word installed)
  • Tested on Word 2010 and 2013
  • Reasonably well debugged throughout (although time will tell of course!)
  • It’s easy enough to turn off an unwanted section if you’re only interested in a specific subset of the functionality, or are adapting to suit your environment
  • A “-SkipWrite” switch skips the relatively slow process of writing to Word. I added this for debugging and have left it in the released version to help anyone refining or enhancing the script
  • From v2 the script has been signed, so no longer requires you to drop your ExecutionPolicy to “Unrestricted”. This also means you can be confident the code’s not changed since it left here
  • Uses your existing Word document template for the formatting of the table headings and table of contents

Plus d'informations ici: https://greiginsydney.com/uxbuilder/

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