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Migration d'un environnement Lync 2013 vers Skype for Business en mode HA et DR.


Lors de la migration des utilisateurs vers le nouvel environnement HA et DR avec la commande move-csuser, le warning suivant en fin d'opération est visible:

L'event suivant est visible pour un utilisateur sur les serveurs Skype for Business:



Les étapes:

  • Télécharger l'application Skype for Business Server 2015, Post Move Cleanup Tool
  • Ouvrir une fenêtre command promp avec des privilèges élevés
  • Lancer la commande PostMoveCleanup.exe -SummaryFile <Path of summary file> [-MachineFqdn <Fqdn of server>] [-LogFile <Path of log file>]


  • You must provide to the tool the summary file that is generated by the Move-CsUser cmdlet.
  • The -MachineFqdn parameter refers to the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server that the tool is connected to for cleanup of the local database. This parameter is optional. If it is not specified, it points to the local server on which the tool is running.
  • The -LogFile parameter refers the path of the file that the tool writes logs to. The tool will append logs to the file if the file exists. This parameter is optional. If it is not specified, the tool creates a new log file.
  • There may be more than one summary file in the same folder that is generated by multiple uses of the Move-CsUser cmdlet. Make sure that the correct summary file is provided. You can find the summary file path in the Move-CsUser cmdlet output.

    For example, results from this operation can be found in the following path:


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