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Microsoft a rendu disponible le 30 novembre 2018 une nouvelle version du module powershell pour Microsoft Teams en version 0.9.

Date: 30 novembre 2018


In this release of the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module, the following cmdlets that were available in the Preview module are available for General Availability:

- Connect-MicrosoftTeams

- Disconnect-MicrosoftTeams

- Get-Team

- Get-TeamChannel

- Get-TeamHelp

- Get-TeamUser

- New-Team

- New-TeamChannel

- Add-TeamUser

- Remove-Team

- Remove-TeamChannel

- Remove-TeamUser

- Set-Team

- Set-TeamChannel

In addition to making these cmdlets generally available, we have added two new areas of functionality:

- Connect-MicrosoftTeams allows you to specify a Teams Government Environment (-TeamsEnvironmentName) that your organization is homed in.

- Get-Team allows you to specify new filter and selection criteria to identify specific teams based off of new criteria, including the Visibility or Archived state of the teams.

The following beta cmdlets will not be available in future module releases, as the same functionality these cmdlets provided has been integrated into the Get-Team and Set-Team cmdlets:

- Get-TeamFunSettings

- Get-TeamGuestSettings

- Get-TeamMemberSettings

- Get-TeamMessagingSettings

- Set-TeamFunSettings

- Set-TeamGuestSettings

- Set-TeamMemberSettings

- Set-TeamMessagingSettings


Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams

Mise a niveau:

Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Force

Vérification des commandes:



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