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Une nouvelle version logicielle est disponible dans le centre d'administration Microsoft Teams pour les téléphones Teams Yealink en version

La releases note est disponible ici: http://support.yealink.com/documentFront/forwardToDocumentDetailPage?documentId=261

Date firmware: 25 février 2020

Date release notes: 26 février 2020

Microsoft Teams Version:

Modèles compatibles: T55A, T56A, T58A, CP960

Listes des fonctionnalités par la nouvelle version applicative:

- Supported Proxy Server

When the phone wants to access the external network from the internal network, it will pass through the proxy server first to ensure communication security.

- Supported Hot Desking

Hot Desking allows a temporary account to be used on the phone to meet the needs of mobile office.


Optimized the feature of Microsoft E911

If an emergency issue occurs, the user can use the phone directly to enter the E911 number for alarm at any time.

Corrections problèmes:

1. Fixed an issue that Lock code may not be reset after the emergency call gets disconnected.
2. Fixed an issue that the partner agent must send FirmwareVersionName in Bundle string instead of FirmwareVersion according to the new Partner Agent design spec.
3. Fixed an issue that the call will go through the speaker instead of the handset even after the phone is in offhook state.

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