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Audiocodes a publié une note de produit spécifiant la nécéssité de mettre a jour la version logicielle des SBC Audiocodes déployés dans Microsoft Azure en version 7.4.

Cela concerne le déploiement de SBC Audiocodes déployés dans Microsoft Azure avec les versions suivantes:

  • 7.20CO.*;
  • 7.40A.005.*;
  • 7.40A.100.*;
  • 7.40.200.*;
  • 7.40.250.* (up to


All Linux-based virtual machines running on Azure must use Azure Linux Agent to enable it to connect to the network and use Azure services.

In mid-January 2022, Microsoft released an updated version of Azure Linux Agent (2.7.0.x), which included a new "CPU accounting" functionality for CentOS 8 based platforms. This Agent is now being rolled-out to Linux-based virtual machines on Azure. The timing of the Azure Agent update is performed by Azure and is not under the control of the SBC.

The "CPU accounting" functionality was found to be incompatible with current 7.4 software versions of AudioCodes SBC, as it changes CPU allocation on the virtual machine on which the SBC is running, interfering with the SBC's real-time tasks.

A software update addressing this issue has been released, and Customers using Version 7.4 of the Mediant VE or CE SBCs deployed on the Azure cloud are required to upgrade their SBC to resolve the issue.

Pour les organisations disposant de Audiocodes SBC Mediant Virtual Edition (VE) ou Cloud Edition (CE) disposant d'une des versions logicielles impactées doivent mettre à jour leur SBC vers la version 7.40A.250.010 ou ultérieure. Cette mise à jour prend en charge les modifications de l'agent Linux Azure.

Processus de mise a jour pour les Mediant VE:https://www.audiocodes.com/media/15886/mediant-virtual-edition-sbc-for-microsoft-azure-installation-manual-ver-74.pdf

Processus de mise a jour pour les Mediant CE: https://www.audiocodes.com/media/15888/mediant-cloud-edition-sbc-installation-manual-ver-74.pdf

Note de produit: https://www.audiocodes.com/media/310gtmsl/0460-product-notice-required-7-4-sbc-update-for-azure-agent-changes.pdf

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