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Sonus a publié en début de mois (un peu de retard dans mes publications) une nouvelle release pour sa gamme SBC 1000-2000.

Version: 4.1

Lien: https://support.sonus.net/display/UXDOC41/SBC+1000-2000+4.1+Release+Notes

Nouvelles fonctionnalités:

FXS Call Waiting Support
E911: Enable Use of ELIN Numbers In CompanyName Field
Partial Export-Import in User Interface
Dynamic Host Resolution
SIP INVITE Support with Replace
Software Upload Progress Bar
TLS v1.2 Support


Updates and Fixes in this Release

Bug ID
SYM-18353 Not responding to SIP UNREGISTER challenge when contact modified
SYM-17243 Alert user when SDP contains SRTP, but SIP signalling has TCP/UDP
SYM-18165 Expand upper limit for call progress tones to 3400 Hz
SYM-18279 Allow video call rerouting upon call failure in Survivable Mode
SYM-18380 Remove SHA384 hardware acceleration
SYM-17765 MediaStreamController memory leak with certain downstream forking
SYM-17534 SBC 1000 main board DSP Ethernet packet switching reliability
SYM-17372 Enhance SIP Server Entry WebUI Dialog
SYM-18303 SIP INVITE without SDP results in no audio
SYM-18304 CAS SG call forward options apply to analog FXS only
SYM-17448 SIP WARNING header not passed through
SYM-17950 G.722.2 to G.729 transcode call audio quality
SYM-17417 Contact Registrant table modification take effect only by removing/adding the table to server
SYM-17616 SIP with DNS-SRV stability improvements
SYM-17878 Improper handling of received FAX mediastream which contains no FAX codec
SYM-17365 Alarm grammar enhancements
SYM-17375 MSC Transcoding and Video Passthrough log enhancements
SYM-17299 Include "transport=" parameter in REGISTER from UX Contact Registrant Table
SYM-18113 Microsoft® Lync Setup Emergency Callback Number format does not allow '+'
SYM-18169 Prevent switch to modem pass-through after T38 is negotiated
SYM-18218 SMM rule for custom header fails parsing if not configured in lower case
SYM-18239 Call Routing table name spelling error generated by Microsoft® Lync wizard
SYM-18114 Decrease delay between Register Requests from 1Sec to 200mSec when not staggering
SYM-18168 Validate Server FQDN not set to a default value
SYM-17621 SBC 2000 management bus access enhancements
SYM-18271 SBA should use static IP during initial setup
SYM-18003 Persistent socket re-use for outgoing call transfer and redirect transaction flows
SYM-17308 Microsoft® Active Directory Server may take longer than 15 seconds to respond
SYM-17386 Suppress erroneous SIP error log message for Music on Hold call flow
SYM-17049 Support CED/CNG relay in T.38
SYM-17353 REST SIP Server configuration access
SYM-17902 Reject non repudiation certificates at run-time
SYM-17952 Enforce 500ms lower bound for CAS R2 inter-digit timer
SYM-17227 Incorrect transport used to phones registered with TLS
SYM-17385 Ensure refreshed ARP cache for active video call endpoints
SYM-17461 Remove non-alpha numeric characters from AlarmConfiguration.csv
SYM-17357 Save and Restore SSRC for TX audio stream during call transfer
SYM-17345 SIP SG Protocol and Listen Port configuration REST validation
SYM-15731 Eliminate duplicate state change messages for SG and channel state changes
SYM-16673 Handle optiontags in multiple require header lines sent in SIP Messages
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