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Au mois de novembre 2013, par la notice 0194, Audiocodes à annoncé deux nouvelles versions de passerelle SBA.

- Mediant 1000B SBA-ES:

The new Mediant 1000B SBA-ES simplifies design considerations by supporting wider branch capacity in a single product and therefore, it supersedes the Mediant 1000B SBA with 4G RAM.
The Mediant 1000B SBA-ES is equipped with Solid State Drive (SSD) storage and supports up to 1,000 users. The SSD significantly improves reliability, shortens boot-up time, and increases the mean time between failures (MTBF). The OSN of the Mediant 1000 SBA-ES is OSN3.
This enhanced Mediant 1000B SBA-ES enables customers to run third-party IT software, for example, anti-virus and monitoring agents on the same operating system as the SBA.

- Mediant 1000B SBA-EO:

The server of the new high-performance Mediant 1000B SBA-EO is based on the Intel® Core™ i7 dual-core processor (Sandy Bridge), providing the following interfaces:
2 Ethernet port interfaces (front panel)
1 Ethernet port interface for internal communication
Graphic port
The Mediant 1000B SBA-EO high-performance CPU supports large branches with up to 1,000 users while meeting market demand for running multiple, integrated branch applications. These include third-party applications as well as applications provided by AudioCodes such as Auto-Attendant Interactive Voice Response (AA-IVR), Fax2Mail and Mail2Fax, Campus Mobility, and SmartTap Recording.
The name of the Mediant 1000B SBA-EO server is "OSN3B". The CPN of the Mediant 1000B SBA-EO product per se' ends with the suffix "EO". The new Mediant 1000B SBA-EO with OSN3B will be offered in parallel to the incumbent Mediant 1000B SBA with OSN3.

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