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Pour les amateurs de "gadget", un petit outil peut vous rendre la vie facile pour connaître la description de la valeur du message ICEWarn sans se référer à la documentation.

Nom: Lync ICE Warning Flag Decoder


When you troubleshoot Lync Calls, sometimes you encounter with a ICE warning flags. It comes with the tag "ICEWarn" and a hexa decimal number (ex: ICEWarn=0x12b). Microsoft Lync 2010 Resource Kit contains a table (in chapter 9) which decodes these numbers. For an example, according to that, the above number 0x12b represents "TCP NAT connectivity failed". This was taken by description of the table for the row  "0x100".

But if you analyse the number you can see that it is actually a binary number represented as a hexadecimal number. The binary value of the number is 100101011. This actually consists of hex numbers 0x1, 0x2, 0x8, 0x20 and 0x100. So in order to get the real meaning of the warning flag you have to refer to all those hex numbers.

ICE Warning Flag Decoder is a tool which helps you to decode the real meaning of the warning flag. For an example, the real meaning of the above 0x12b flag is as per the following picture.

Lien: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/ICE-Warning-Flag-Decoder-97058ef3

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