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A suivre, Andrew Morpeth propose une solution gratuite concernant le sujet de la facturation avec Lync.

Son script, en version béta actuellement, est téléchargeable ici: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Lync-Call-Accounting-dd28ca5d

Vous pouvez trouver des informations sur son blog:




This script queries the Lync CDR database (LcsCDR), calculates who an outbound call should be charged to, then matches this to an AD object where possible.

For more infomation please see my blog post - http://www.lync.geek.nz/2014/03/lync-call-accounting-for-user-or.html


1. Unzip the file and extract to the location of your choice
2. Open the LyncCallAccounting_beta_v0.2.ps1 file and update the settings to match your environment
3. Run the script as admin


1. The credentials used to run the script will be passed to SQL for authentiacation. Make sure that you account has the required permissions.

I will provide more detailed instrcutions as time permits. Please leave feedback to help mature this script.

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