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Suite à l'annonce du support des appels vidéos entre Skype et Lync et temporairement désactivé par la suite, Microsoft a annoncé officiellement espérer la réactivation de ce service a partir du 26 janvier 2015.

Les appels seront donc possible entre un client Lync et un Skype étant en version 7.1 ou supérieur (bientôt disponible).


In December 2014, we announced the initial availability of video calling between Skype and Lync in a blog post on the Office Blogs website. In the weeks that followed that initial availability, we discovered several issues in the Skype consumer client versions that were enabled for video calling with Lync. These include at least one issue that could cause the Skype client to crash. Based on the severity of the issues, we disabled video calling for most Skype consumer users while we work on fixing the underlying issues.

Specifically, we're advising the following:

  • As of January 20, 2015, video calling between Skype and Lync is disabled for most versions of the Skype consumer client. This is because of issues that were discovered that could cause the Skype Windows desktop client to crash in some cases.
  • We're actively working on an updated Skype Windows desktop client, and we expect to release this on the Skype download page in the coming weeks.
  • We will provide an updated message in the admin center when the work on this new client is completed.
  • After we release a new Skype Windows desktop client, it takes several weeks until most of the end-users have upgraded and are enabled. During this interim period, Lync customers who want to test the new client's capabilities can instruct participants to manually download the new client from the Skype download page.


Q1: When and how will we re-enable video calling between Skype and Lync?
A1: We expect to re-enable this functionality no later than the week of January 26, 2015, when we release a new Skype Windows desktop client.

Q2: Regarding Q1, video calling with Lync will be re-enabled by using a new Skype Windows desktop client. How can I check whether I have the correct client?
A2: We will re-enable video calling with Lync or Skype Windows desktop client versions 7.1.xx.xxx and later versions. You can check the Skype version number by following the instructions at What version of Skype am I using on my computer?

Source: http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/3034626/en-us?sd=rss&spid=16924

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