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Thomas Poett vient de partager un guide intéressant pour le troubleshooting Lync.

Le document de 130 pages est disponible ici: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Skype-for-Business-and-7857597d


The free ebook is about troubleshooting Skype for Business and Lync.

A complex solution in unified communication marking people's life more simpler, connecting to others at any point of time, staying in contact with fellow friends and family members. Developing a set of skills, supporting and analyzing issues in this environment is an advanced task. I describe the troubleshooting work flow from general understanding of Skype for Business and Lync Server and Services.

In the Troubleshooting Guide the following areas are covered:

- General Approach to troubleshooting

- Logging, Tracing and CLS

- TCP and SIP Protocol

- SIP Session Establishment

- Lync/ Skype for Business Call Setup (entire process)

- Troubleshooting IM

- Troubleshooting Call with A/V

- Diagnostic Headers

- Monitoring

- Troubleshooting Voice

- Troubleshooting Conferencing

- Troubleshooting Web Services

- Troubleshooting Edge (external/ remote)

- Health Monitoring

- Troubleshooting Exchange Integration

(Autodiscover, Exchange Web Service EWS, IM Integration OWA, Unified Contact Store UCS, Unified Messaging)

- Troubleshooting Mobility Services

- Troubleshooting Mobile Clients

- Troubleshooting Office Web App Server (OWA)

Troubleshooting Enterprise Voice will be released during a future update of this document (Version 2.0)

I'm looking for lecturer who is will to support this writing. He should be experienced in lecturing documents.

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