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Cela fait maintenant quelques semaines (j'ai un peu de retard sur mon blog), le RMX 1500 de Polycom fait enfin partie du programme UCOIP pour Lync, même si beaucoup d'entre nous avait déjà pas mal d'intégration de ce genre que ce soit avec Lync ou OCS.

Cette qualification est arrivé avec le nouveau firmware 7.7 qui apporte les nouveautés suivantes:

  • Polycom, Microsoft and Cisco bridge interoperability – this is the ability to host multi-party video conferences on the RMX with video endpoints from multiple vendors. In the case of Cisco, signalling is handled via the integration of Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM) and Polycom’s Distributed Media Application (DMA).
  • Microsoft RTV forward error correction (FEC) support – with this feature the RMX is able to support Lync error correction in scenarios where there is connection instability.
  • ICE over TCP – When ICE over UDP is blocked by a Firewall, the ICE connection automatically uses TCP.
  • Media over TCP – as with above, when media is unable to utilise UDP due to Firewall policies etc., the RMX will automatically switch to TCP.
  • Additional Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) presence mode – prior to this release VMRs enabled for presence would only display as available, the 7.7 update introduces the busy state when busy or in use.
  • Error recovery – RMX 7.7 can automatically recover from short duration network errors (up to 5 seconds), enabling video or audio conference calls in Microsoft Lync to continue without disconnecting.
  • Lync AVMCU to RMX Cascading – Last but not least (and a personal favourite) the ability to connect a Lync video conference call to the RMX by transparently joining the two meetings, hosted on their respective MCUs, via end-user drag/drop within the Lync client

Bien entendu, cela s'applique aussi avec les RMX 2000 et 4000.

La release notes est ici: http://downloads.polycom.com/bridging_collab/rmx/relnotes/RMX_Release_Notes_V_7_7_CP.pdf

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